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What’s Wrong With “Super Tuesday”


Richie is executive director of FairVote, which just released a report titled: “Understanding Super Tuesday: State Rules on Feb. 5 and Lessons for Reform.”

Hill is director of the political reform program at the New America Foundation and author of the books 10 Steps to Repair American Democracy and Fixing Elections: The Failure of America’s Winner Take All Politics.

His latest piece is “Why Tuesday Won’t Be So Super,” which states: “Having a single primary day with so many states gives great advantage to those candidates with the most campaign cash and name recognition to compete in so many states simultaneously. … Hardly super duper, this fiasco should be called Super Stupid Tuesday.”
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Hogan is project manager for the Center for Public Integrity, which recently launched its “Buying of the President 2008” web page.

For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy:
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