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Other Voices on Impeachment


The author of For the People: What The Constitution Really Says About Your Rights, Hirsch has just written A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment. Says Hirsch: “The guide is not intended to make the case for or against impeachment, but to help people follow and understand the process. It also discusses a range of scenarios. For example: Can a subsequent House rescind articles of impeachment adopted by a previous House? May the Senate convict the President but decide not to remove him from office? Can the Senate convict on grounds not stated in the House’s articles of impeachment?”

Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, editor of Abuse of Power: The New Nixon Tapes and author of The Wars of Watergate, Kutler said: “There is a lot of talk about the law of impeachment. There is no law of impeachment, there is a history of impeachment, it’s a rich history. What’s clear is that this affair in no way measures up to the impeachment proceedings of Richard Nixon, Andrew Johnson and Samuel Chase.”

The national coordinator for the National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom, Gage said: “Any time someone faces accusations using evidence they can’t see, it threatens the justice system. However, having Clinton face this is ironic since his administration pushed the use of secret evidence in deporting people for political reasons. There are people currently in jail who are denied bond because of secret evidence.”

Professor of International Law at Princeton University and author of Law in an Emerging Global Village, Falk said: “A curse on both their Houses. The case that is being made for impeachment is essentially undermining democratic legitimacy and has a strong vindictive and puritanical dimension to it. But the way Clinton has manipulated foreign policy initiatives, particularly in the bombing of the pharmaceutical facility in the Sudan and maintaining the sanctions on Iraq with the knowledge that they are killing thousands of civilians each month, makes him guilty of crimes against humanity. So it’s difficult to muster much sympathy for him or for his presidency which has been responsible for carrying out these policies.”

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