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Cuba and Castro


AP reports: “On Sunday, the [Cuban] assembly will name the president, first vice president and five other vice presidents, and 24 other members of the Council of State. Fidel, who was re-elected to the National Assembly, could remain on the council but is unlikely to receive a top position.”

Author of People’s Power: Cuba’s Experience with Representative Government, Roman said today: “Castro is an important leader, but there are alot of important people in Cuba. They have a system — a flawed system — that works, not because of Castro, but because of others who are elected at various levels, especially the municipal level.”
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Host of a daily Spanish-language radio program, Radio Progreso, in Miami, Aruca said today: “The Cuban-American community is not a monolith. Many of us are in favor of lifting the embargo and having a dialogue and negotiations, even more so now. The three most extreme Republican Congress members on Cuba in the Miami area are under serious challenges for the first time this year.”
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Adjunct lecturer at the City University of New York, Agee has been to Cuba numerous times since 1978. He was there most recently for most of January following the death of his father, former CIA agent Philip Agee, author of Inside the Company: CIA Diary. Chris Agee is writing a piece (for the journal of the North American Congress on Latin America) about his father’s revelations of the CIA’s infrastructure in Latin America and the resurgence of the left that followed.

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