News Release

Adm. Fallon and Attacking Iran


The Washington Post reports on its front page today that Adm. William Fallon “had made several comments reflecting disagreement with the administration’s stance on Iran, most recently in an Esquire magazine article last week that portrayed him as the only person who might stop Bush from going to war with the Islamic republic.”

Porter just wrote the piece “Dissenting Views Made Fallon’s Fall Inevitable.” Porter is an historian and national security policy analyst. His latest book is Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam.

A fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies, Bennis just wrote the primer “Iran in the Crosshairs: How to Prevent Washington’s Next War.”

She said today: “Adm. Fallon’s departure doesn’t guarantee a U.S. military strike against Iran — but it certainly makes it easier for the Bush administration. The danger is also heightened by the decision to send Vice President Cheney — primary supporter of ‘military options’ against Iran — to the Middle East. For the last year the White House has used the claim of ‘supporting Israeli-Palestinian negotiations’ as a cover for mobilizing regional opposition to Iran; this visit is likely more of the same.”

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