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Washingtonians on Supreme Court Gun Law Decision


Jenkins is president of the Stand Up! for Democracy in D.C. Coalition (Free D.C.); Mosley is a member of the group. Jenkins said today: “The Supreme Court has succeeded where members of Congress have failed. There have been several attempts by members of Congress to overturn D.C.’s gun law. That’s because we in D.C. are second-class citizens. Congress can overturn any local law, including our budget.

“Opponents of the D.C. law did not even attempt democratic means to overturn it — a city referendum or such. They just went to the courts. This while we in D.C. cannot even elect any of our own local judges. We have no vote in the Senate that confirms presidential appointments to the Supreme Court.

“Previously, the Supreme Court had declined to hear Adams v. Clinton, later Adams v. Bush — I was a plaintiff in that case — which sought to allow D.C. residents to determine what kind of government we should have. So we don’t get a hearing from the Supreme Court on our democratic rights, which are constantly being violated, but — in spite of our law — people get to have deadly handguns in our city.”
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