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A fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, Bennis just returned to Washington, D.C., from the Israeli-occupied West Bank. A piece she wrote is scheduled to be published at The Nation this afternoon.

Author of Red Zone Blues: A snapshot of Baghdad during the surge and Globalistan: An Antidote to ‘The World is Flat,’ Escobar’s video reports for The Real News Network are available online.

He can address the stances of both Obama and McCain, especially on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, each of which Escobar has spent significant time in during the last several years.
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Senior policy analyst and national coordinator at Just Foreign Policy, Naiman recently wrote the piece “Hagee’s ‘Christians for Israel’ Meet in D.C., Seeking Conflict with Iran.”

Sen. Joe Lieberman will be speaking to the group Christians United for Israel on Tuesday evening.
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Enders is a journalist who has spent nearly half of the last four years in Iraq and is author of the book Baghdad Bulletin. He can address the actual nature of the “surge,” the air war and the extent of the refugee crisis. His blog includes video clips.

Senior research fellow at the Institute for Development and Peace at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, Hippler is author of a number of books, including Pax Americana?
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