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“You Can’t Win an Occupation”


Kokesh held up a sign — “You Can’t Win an Occupation” on one side and “McCain Votes Against Vets” on the other — at the beginning of McCain’s speech at the Republican convention last night. Video is online.

A member of the board of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Kokesh said today: “It’s shameful McCain is running as a veteran considering how bad he’s been on veterans’ issues. He’s repeatedly voted against adequate Veterans Administration funding and he voted against the new GI bill.

“McCain’s rhetoric about winning or losing in Iraq makes no sense — he’s simply failing to admit that it’s an occupation. The only way ‘victory’ makes sense is to end it as soon as possible and to rapidly bring the troops home.

“I found it amusing that most of the delegates — acting like ‘dittoheads’ — tried to drown me out with chants of ‘U-S-A!’ Just two days before, I’d spoken at Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and had the crowd there chanting ‘U-S-A!’ … I’ve found — after being sent to fight in Fallujah — that the biggest enemies of the Constitution are right here at home.” Kokesh’s “Revolutionary Patriot” blog — which includes video of his speech.

A member of the women’s peace group CodePink, Hourican also protested at the Republican convention during McCain’s speech. She said today: “McCain is a flip-flopper if there ever was one. I’m from Arizona and I’ve known McCain for eight years. In 2002 he said that the Iraq war would be easy — and then in 2006 made fun of people who said that.” Transcript and video is available.

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