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Mother’s Day: A Day Against War?


The first Mother’s Day proclamation, an impassioned plea for peace, was written by Julia Ward Howe in 1870; see here.

Galleymore, author of the new book Long Time Passing: Mothers Speak About War and Terror, said today: “During a trip to Iraq in 2004 to visit my soldier son on a U.S. military base, I met a bereaved Iraqi mother, Anwar Jeward, who said, ‘Tell Americans there is tragedy in Iraq!’ I’ve taken up her challenge and the mothers’ stories I share from Lebanon, Israel, the West Bank, Syria, the U.S. and Afghanistan indicate the depth of that ongoing tragedy. As I write today, we see tragedy compounded in Afghanistan by our own country’s military policies.”

Galleymore’s son fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. She continues to share the stories of those affected by war as founder of MotherSpeak, as a radio host for Raising Sand Radio and a counselor on the G.I. Rights Hotline.
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Evans is co-founder of CODEPINK, a women’s peace group, which is organizing a 24-hour Mother’s Day festival this weekend in Lafayette Park in front of the White House. The events will include stitching together into a banner of about 5,000 squares knitted and shipped to D.C. from women worldwide to drape across the White House fence. Stevens is national media coordinator for the group.

Benjamin, a nurse from rural New York whose son is currently in Iraq, said today: “I truly believe women, organized and mobilized, can be a formidable, powerful force in the movement toward a world free of war. So this Mother’s Day, I’ll be in Lafayette Park in D.C. to work toward a truly just and peaceful future.” The events this weekend are co-sponsored by the National Organization of Women, MADRE, the Feminist Peace Network and 34 other human rights organizations.
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