News Release

Toxic Sludge Stance by Alice Waters Sparks Protests


Cummings is director of the Organic Consumers Association; Stauber is an advisory board member of the group and co-author of the book Toxic Sludge Is Good for You!

OCA said in a statement: “Thursday, April 1 is the 30th birthday of the famous Chez Panisse Cafe in Berkeley, California, owned by iconic chef and safe food advocate Alice Waters. At noon it will be picketed by the Organic Consumers Association in a protest against the dumping of toxic sewage sludge on gardens in the Bay Area.”

Cummings said today: “On behalf of our hundreds of thousands of members we are protesting the failure of Alice Waters to oppose growing food on toxic sewage sludge, often deceptively labeled as ‘organic compost.'” See news release.

A noted expert at the Environmental Protection Agency, Kaufman said today: “It’s very disappointing that Alice Waters — unlike other prominent individuals in the organic movement — does not oppose growing food on toxic sludge. I hope she’ll reconsider. … Only 1 percent of the hazardous and toxic materials in sewage sludge is regulated.”

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