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Public Citizen has just released a pair of reports assessing the election:

DAVID ARKUSH, via Angela Bradbery
Arkush is director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch, which just released the report “Outside Job.” The group writes: “Of 74 contests in which power changed hands in Tuesday’s congressional elections, independent groups engaging in a spree of secretive, corporate- and wealthy- individual-funded electioneering in the wake of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission spent predominately on behalf of the winning candidate in 58 contests, according to Public Citizen’s initial analysis. Just 14 of the losing candidates received more help than their opponents from independent groups.”

LORI WALLACH, via Bryan Buchanan
Wallach is director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, which just released the report “Election 2010: The Best Defense Was a Fair Trade Offense.” The group states: “House Democrats that ran on fair trade platforms in competitive and open-seat races were three times as likely to survive the GOP tidal wave than Democrats who ran against fair trade.”

Wallach said today: “That Democrats and the GOP alike ran against the trade policy status quo highlights the intensity of public ire about our job exporting trade policy — a phenomenon also seen in national polls. It also reveals the trouble that the White House and GOP leaders will face if they try to pass the leftover Bush trade pacts with Korea, Colombia and Panama.” See PDF: “Election 2010: The Best Defense Was a Fair Trade Offense

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