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Who Is Ayad Allawi?


Ayad Allawi spoke before a joint session of the U.S. Congress this morning. He spoke of “the values of liberty and democracy.” For general information on Allawi, see the resource Disinfopedia.

Here are some relevant articles:

The New York Times, “Ex-C.I.A. Aides Say Iraq Leader Helped Agency in 90’s Attacks” (June 9, 2004)
by Joel Brinkley
The article states: “Dr. Allawi’s group, the Iraqi National Accord, used car bombs and other explosive devices smuggled into Baghdad from northern Iraq, the officials said.”
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The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), “Allawi Shot Inmates in Cold Blood, Say Witnesses” (July 17, 2004)
by Paul McGeough, Chief Herald Correspondent, in Baghdad
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The Guardian (UK), “Who Seized Simona Torretta? — This Iraqi Kidnapping has the Mark of an Undercover Police Operation” (Sept. 16, 2004)
by Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill
The article states: “…witnesses said that several attackers wore Iraqi National Guard uniforms and identified themselves as working for Ayad Allawi, the interim prime minister.”
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The Independent (UK), “Exiled Allawi was Responsible for 45-Minute WMD Claim” (May 29, 2004)
by Patrick Cockburn
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The Egyptian Gazette (Cairo, via AP), “On the Selection of Ayad Allawi as Iraq’s Prime Minister” (June 1, 2004)
The editorial states: “The U.S.-installed Interim Governing Council named Ayad Allawi, a member of the IGC, to head the government that takes over on June 30. Allawi’s selection could be seen as a pre-emptive bid to consolidate the council’s grip on power and turn the transitional government into a U.S. puppet. It is a slap in the face for the U.N. as well. The IGC is unpopular with most Iraqis for comprising Iraqi exiles. Even Lakhdar Ibrahimi, the U.N. envoy to Iraq, was taken aback by the announcement of Allawi as the new prime minister.”

Blum is author of the books Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II and Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower.
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Author of the book The Phoenix Program, about U.S. “counter-insurgency” operations in Vietnam, Valentine said today: “Allawi worked for Saddam, then for the British secret services, then the CIA. The U.S. government clearly needs a strongman to do its bidding; someone who acts on self-interest and not in the interest of the Iraqi people he’s supposed to represent. It looks like Allawi fits that bill quite well.”
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