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Battles Over Ukraine * Nuland * Rewriting History


Carden is a former adviser to the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission at the U.S. Department of State. He just wrote the piece “The Coming Battle: ‘Who Lost Ukraine?’ — An effort to rewrite history is happening in real time.

Recently Victoria Nuland rose to acting deputy secretary of state; Carden was featured on the news release “Biden Nominating Victoria ‘F*ck the EU’ Nuland” in early 2021, where he sounded the alarm about the course of U.S. policy if she held office.

In his most recent piece, Carden writes: “As it becomes more and more difficult to deny what is happening on the battlefield in Ukraine, a grinding war with hundreds of thousands of casualties, establishment media continue to present a picture of the war designed to rally the public, should its enthusiasm for this latest American overseas adventure begin to flag in the face of long and hard realities.”

He gives a series of specific examples in major media and continues: “In the nearly ten years since the Maidan Revolution, a handful of us have been sounding the alarm over the possibility of war breaking out between Russia and the West. For nearly ten years, a small minority of writers and thinkers have relentlessly advocated for a peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis, and in the process have, at various times, been smeared, mocked, marginalized, denied employment opportunities, branded ‘terrorist’ sympathizers, and placed on a Ukrainian kill-lists for the crime of telling the truth about what has been happening in eastern Ukraine since 2014. …

“And as the war in Ukraine grinds on to its disastrous denouement, we can reasonably expect those who are responsible for helping set off this conflagration — along with those who cheered this ludicrous and unnecessary war from the beginning — to pay about as severe a price as that paid by the architects and cheerleaders of the Iraq fiasco: none at all.

“Advocates of a restrained and sensible foreign policy ought to prepare for an even nastier period of recrimination and finger-pointing that will make the Russiagate years (2016-2021) look like a time of national serenity. Indeed, it is all too easy to imagine that 2024 and the years following will be dominated by a ‘Who lost Ukraine?’ crusade not unlike the poisonous ‘Who lost China?’ debate that midwifed the McCarthy period of the 1950s. The coming campaign will no doubt consist of a litany of accusations of unpatriotic disloyalty leveled against American opponents of the war by a parade of Eastern Europeans and their vocal and powerful lobby in Washington.”