News Release

Biden’s “Humanitarian Corridors” Enabling Ethnic Cleansing


In response to President Biden’s tweet about the opening of so-called humanitarian corridors in Gaza, Jarrar, advocacy director at Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), issued the following statement: “There is nothing humanitarian in President Biden’s corridors in Gaza. These are ethnic cleansing corridors — a vital part of Israel’s ongoing forced displacement plan for Gaza. The U.S. government’s endorsement of these corridors only serves to sanitize and enable Israel’s campaign to depopulate Palestinian lands.

“Biden’s corridors are nothing but an effort to provide a soft-sounding cover for the ongoing massacre of Palestinians. Israel announced the establishment of these corridors on October 21, 2023. The Israeli army dropped leaflets on northern Gaza ordering residents’ immediate ‘evacuation’ and warning residents that ‘anyone who chooses not to leave from the north of the [Gaza] Strip to south of Wadi Gaza may be determined an accomplice in a terrorist organization.’ In addition, Israel has repeatedly bombarded convoys of fleeing Palestinians, as well as those sheltering in makeshift refugee centers in the south of Gaza.”

Jarrar appeared on the recent IPA news releases “In ‘Grotesque Hoax’ Biden Admin Not Just ‘Green Lighting’ Israeli Ethnic Cleansing — ‘It’s Bankrolling It’.” When questioned about this by Sam Husseini, the State Department refused to comment. Jarrar also appeared on the recent IPA news release “Is Israel Killing U.S. Citizens by Refusing a Ceasefire?