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9/11 Survivor on the Muslim Ban


kerrikellyYesterday 9/11 survivor Kerri Kelly spoke out from the 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial about how the Trump administration is exploiting tragedies like her family’s – the loss of her stepfather Lt. Joe Leavey, a firefighter who died in Tower 2. Kelly explained why she rejects efforts to have Trump’s Muslim-ban policies promoted in her stepfather’s name. 

KERRI KELLY, kerrikelly875 [at], @kkellyyoga

Kelly said today: “The policies of this administration are immoral and unsafe and have nothing to do with 9/11 and everything to do with their own gain.They are an affront to who we were on that day and to who we are as Americans.

“Joe and his men believed in sacrificing themselves for the greater good.They did not discriminate between who gets to be saved and who doesn’t.They ran into that building for all of us.”

See: Facebook live video from the Ground Zero memorial. See also: Kelly’s TED Talk.