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Iraq War Veterans and Military Families


A news conference includes Mike Hoffman and Fernando Suarez del Solar next to the Arizona State University debate location at 10 a.m. local time today. The news conference is at the Twin Palms Hotel, 225 East Apache, Tempe (S.W. corner of Apache Blvd. and Mill Ave.), across Apache Blvd. from the ASU debate location and media tent.

Co-founder and national coordinator for Iraq Veterans Against the War, Hoffman said today: “The picture we’re getting from Iraq is largely limited to what’s going on in the ‘green zone,’ the U.S.-controlled area in Baghdad. Our group has members who are stationed in Fallujah and Samara. We’re not really seeing the combat that’s happening throughout Iraq on our TV screens. It’s obvious that the Iraqis don’t want us there — these aren’t a handful of foreigners. Everyday Iraqis are fighting against us.” The current issue of Mother Jones magazine features a cover story on Iraq Veterans Against the War and an interview with Hoffman.
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Fernando Suarez del Solar, father of a U.S. Marine killed in Iraq in 2003, is with Military Families Speak Out and is active in anti-recruiting campaigns in high schools. He said today: “My son died because George Bush lied. More kids are joining the military because recruiting people lie about the benefits of joining the military.”
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