News Release

Bush With Big Lead Among Missouri Job Outsourcers


Hickey is author of the just-released report “No Holiday For Missouri’s Outsourced Workers: Outsourcing, Executive Campaign Contributions and the 2004 Presidential Election.” He said today: “The report looks at all companies that have been approved for the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance program for sending Missouri jobs overseas since January 2001 when Bush became president. For each company, the political contributions made by the CEO and the directors were collected from the Center for Responsive Politics. When contributions to Bush and Kerry were compared, the company CEOs gave more than 13 times as much money to Bush as to Kerry. In other words, the corporate leaders that are shipping Missouri jobs to China and Mexico strongly prefer Bush as president.”

Hickey, who is a research assistant at the New York School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, added: “Since Bush became president, the USA has lost a net of almost 1 million jobs. Missouri has also seen painful job loss, with good-paying manufacturing jobs being outsourced to China and Mexico to find cheap labor. The corporate captains who are shipping our jobs overseas are also overwhelmingly supporting George Bush for president.” The report was released by the Missouri Citizen Education Fund.

One of the companies examined in the report is American Airlines. Daley said today: “I was laid off last year after working with American Airlines for ten years. They shut down the entire office, about 700 people. We’d already gone through rounds of layoffs. They expanded an office they had in Mexico.”

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