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Activists Demand a Halt to NATO Nuclear War Rehearsals; Congressional Action


NORMAN SOLOMON,, @Roots_Action
Solomon is co-founder of which has launched a campaign “Tell Congress and President Biden to make NATO cease its nuclear war rehearsals.” The group states: “NATO is rehearsing for nuclear war: flying B-52 long-range bombers from North Dakota to Europe, flying pretend bombing flights over Belgium, the North Sea, and the United Kingdom, and engaging in what NATO calls ‘a range of realistic and simulated events which can be found in a conflict.'”

RootsAction adds: “The danger is of provoking an actual nuclear conflict.”

Solomon, who was just on “Democracy Now!” recently wrote: “This is an emergency. Right now, we’re closer to a cataclysmic nuclear war than at any other time since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. One assessment after another has said the current situation is even more dangerous.

“Yet few members of Congress are advocating for any steps that the U.S. government could take to decrease the dangers of a nuclear conflagration. The silences and muted statements on Capitol Hill are evading the reality of what’s hanging in the balance — the destruction of almost all human life on Earth. ‘The end of civilization.'”

Solomon is also the executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy.