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Behind Sanders’ Win in New Hampshire


ARNIE ARNESEN, nharnie at, @pchowder
Arnesen is host of “The Attitude” on WNHN in Concord. She recently appeared on “Democracy Now!” and CNN.

She said today: “Something that Trump likes to take credit for is some limited economic improvement for poorer people. But much of the reason for that is the movements in states and cities across the U.S. to raise the minimum wage — which has been championed by Bernie Sanders.

“The campaign might seem muddled in some ways because the more establishment candidates are responding to the message that Sanders has set. It’s largely with generic nice-sounding things. Pete Butteigeg talks about turning the page. My question is, what’s on the page? He is appealing to people who are not hurting. Sanders is appealing to those who are.

“We cannot forget that Bernie’s message has set the agenda for 2020. Bernie has moved the entire agenda of the Democratic Party not to the left (left/right is so yesterday) but to where the essence and soul of the party has historically been. About workers, about justice, about investment in infrastructure, about healthcare as a right and an environment that sustains us and does not serve the interests of corporate success and America’s failure. The New Dems under Bill Clinton moved the party into the arms of Wall Street and had more in common with a moderate Republican party that no longer exists in America. Our job is not to replace the GOP but to speak to the needs of the 90 percent.”