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Bernie Sanders is Running for President: “The Wall vs. Medicare for All”


SELINA VICKERS, mailtheselina at

A West Virginia activist, Vickers was a Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention. She said today: “The 2020 election will be ‘The Wall vs. Medicare for All.’ It’s that simple, and we need the Medicare for All heavyweight champion, aka Sen. Bernie Sanders, in our corner, not the Johnny-come-lately options that eventually got on board after their pollsters said they needed it for a talking point.

“Our current leaders work to privatize profits and socialize losses…. The Democratic and Republican establishments are terrified of Bernie. The corporations are terrified they might have to pay their fair share in taxes and be responsible to their consumers. This is the reason that regular Democratic, Republican and independent voters like and trust Bernie. I know several Republicans who changed their registration to vote for Bernie in the primary and would have voted for him in the general if he had been the nominee.”


Alan Minsky is the Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America. He said today: “Progressive Democrats of America was the first national organization to call upon Bernie Sanders to run for president back in 2014. And following his transformative campaign in 2016, we called on him to run again. Thus, we are thrilled that he has entered the race.

“As a progressive, looking at how the 2020 race is shaping up, it is heartening to see so many other candidates voice support for Sen. Sanders’ policies. However, I’ve been around the block enough times to know that politicians who adopt positions in tune with the fashion of the moment are not as trustworthy as those rare few, like Bernie Sanders, who have held firm to a powerful social justice vision throughout his entire long career. If you want the progressive changes that American society so clearly needs, Bernie Sanders is your candidate.”