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Beyond “Pathetic” Relief Bill: How to Fix Finance


Commondreams reports: “‘Pathetic’: Congress Passes Covid Relief Bill With Billions in Gifts for the Wealthy, $600 Checks for the Working Class.” David Sirota writes: “Dems refused to seize a rare opportunity to outmaneuver McConnell — now the final COVID relief bill skimps on benefits, provides tax breaks to the rich, and notches a big win for austerity extremism.”

ELLEN BROWN,, @ellenhbrown
Brown is an attorney, founder of the Public Banking Institute, and author of 13 books including the best-selling The Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free.

ScheerPost just publisher her latest piece, “FDR Knew Exactly How to Solve Today’s Unemployment Crisis,” which states: “The National Infrastructure Bank of 2020 can rebuild crumbling infrastructure across America, pushing up long-term growth, not only without driving up taxes or the federal debt, but without hyperinflating the money supply or generating financial asset bubbles. The NIB has growing support across the country from labor leaders, elected officials, and grassroots organizations. It can generate real wealth in the form of upgraded infrastructure and increased employment as well as federal and local taxes and GDP, paying for itself several times over without additional outlays from the federal government. With official unemployment at nearly double what it was a year ago and an economic crisis unlike the U.S. has seen in nearly a century, the NIB can trigger the sort of ‘economic miracle’ the country desperately needs.”