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Biden Administration OK with Israel’s Violations of Law


The Intercept reports: “Israel ‘Likely’ Used U.S.-Supplied Weapons in Violation of International Law. That’s OK, Though, State Department Says.” Also, see: “Even Biden’s Lawyers Are Urging the White House to Change Course on Gaza.” U.S. Army Major Harrison Mann just resigned in protest over administration policy in Gaza.

Doctors Without Borders released a statement: “In seven months, 35,000 people — mostly civilians — have been killed, including nearly 500 health workers. Israeli forces have obstructed aid by attacking humanitarian convoys and bombing and raiding hospitals. They have forced medical staff to hastily evacuate health care facilities and leave patients behind.” The group states that they alone have “been attacked 20 times, and five of our colleagues have been killed.”

Avril Benoît, executive director of MSF USA, said of the Biden report: “The Biden administration’s analysis of Israel’s war in Gaza has not proceeded as a good faith effort to uphold U.S. law. Instead, excuses about the impossibility of monitoring the deployment of American assistance serve to deflect responsibility.

“The horrific reality we witness on the ground in Gaza is that Israeli military operations continue to maim and kill civilians and block the provision of lifesaving humanitarian aid. This can’t be chalked up to unintended consequences of war; the massive death, destruction, collective punishment, and forced displacement are the result of military and political choices that blatantly disregard civilian lives.”

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