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Biden Debate Disaster and Step Aside Joe Campaign


The Step Aside Joe campaign, sponsored by, released the following statement after the Biden-Trump debate:

“Joe Biden’s dreadful performance in the debate underscores his severe liabilities as a candidate. Biden is manifestly not up to the task of combating Trump’s lies, vitriol and neofascism — nor is he capable of articulating a coherent progressive vision capable of galvanizing voters this fall.

“There is still time before the party convention to decide on a different nominee for the party. Democratic leaders must finally heed the clear preference of Democratic voters and reconsider their backing of Biden’s candidacy. We need a swift intervention to make Biden voluntarily a one-term president so a Democratic nominee can be up to the job of defeating Trump. The stakes could not be higher for the future of the United States, and the world.”

Appearing on Democracy Now! this morning, Norman Solomon said: “Joe Biden showed without any doubt last night that he is clearly impaired. He is in no way up to the job of defeating Donald Trump.” (Interview excerpt is here, and full segment is here.)

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Solomon is national director of and executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy.