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Biden: * “Must Negotiate” on Ukraine * Caving to Israel on Iran War Threats


Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago tomorrow. The Defuse Nuclear War coalition is organizing protests around the country.

Gibbs is professor of history at the University of Arizona and has written extensively on NATO and Russia. He said today: “NATO’s relentless escalation of its proxy war in Ukraine has endangered world security, while escalating inflation and lowering living standards for working people in the United States. Though we all deplore the illegal Russian invasion, we must accept that there can be no final victory over a nuclear armed power. Continued NATO arms deliveries will only prolong the suffering of Ukrainians, while risking global nuclear war. With the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion, the Biden administration must abandon its objective of victory and press for a negotiated settlement.”

See his new website for numerous articles and interviews. Gibbs’ books include First Do No Harm: Humanitarian Intervention and the Destruction of Yugoslavia and the forthcoming How America Became a Right-Wing Nation.

Al Jazeera reports: “Israeli forces kill 11 Palestinians in Nablus raid.”

TRITA PARSI,, @tparsi
Parsi is the executive vice president of the Quincy Institute and just wrote the piece “By Caving to Israel, Biden Opens the Door to War.”

Parsi writes: “As all eyes were on Ukraine and Chinese balloons in the sky, the Biden administration seemingly shifted America’s longstanding opposition to Israel starting a disastrous war with Iran. U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides told the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Sunday that ‘Israel can and should do whatever they need to deal with [in regards to Iran] and we’ve got their back’ — a thinly veiled reference to military action.” Parsi also cites statements by other officials including Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

Parsi adds: “Unlike any of his predecessors, the president seems to be openly courting the idea of Israeli military confrontation with Iran,” which Parsi argues would be disastrous, further destabilize the Mideast and risk sucking in the U.S.

He also notes that “Biden has refused to reverse almost all major policy shifts in favor of Israel that Trump put in place — from moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, to recognizing Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights (which exposes the blatant double standard in Biden asserting that Russia’s illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory threatens the ‘rules-based order’)…”