News Release

Biden on Taiwan: “A Casus Belli”


Bloomberg reports Monday morning: “Biden Misspeaks on Taiwan, Says U.S. Military Would Intervene.”

Available for a limited number of interviews, Freeman is a noted former U.S. diplomat and a businessman who chairs Projects International, Inc. He was assistant secretary of defense for International Security Affairs from 1993-94. He was the principal U.S. interpreter during Nixon’s landmark trip to China in 1972.

He said today: “This is the fourth time in a year that the White House has had to walk back a pledge by President Biden to go to war with China over Taiwan that is inconsistent with both the terms of U.S.-China normalization and the Taiwan Relations Act. As a result, the United States now has no credibility at all in Beijing. After managing the Taiwan issue successfully for fifty years without war, Washington has lost the ability to do so. No one, least of all people in Taiwan, should be anything but alarmed by this. It is worse than a gaffe; it is a casus belli. The likely Chinese response will take the form of deeds, not words.”

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