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Biden Rebuilds Ties with Saudi Arabia, Sanders Silent on Stopping Yemen War


As the Biden administration rebuilds ties with Saudi Arabia, Vermonters rallied outside a recent “town hall” event with Bernie Sanders, calling on him to meet with them on the U.S./Saudi role in the devastating Yemen war, and to follow through on his pledge on the Senate floor from December. Video shows Isaac Evans-Frantz confronting Bernie, surrounded by Vermonters carrying signs.

SACC EVANS-FRANTZ,, @theactioncorps
Evans-Frantz is with Action Corps, an organization with people in 30 states who campaign for U.S. policies to save lives around the world.

He said today: “When Bernie withdrew his Yemen War Powers Resolution December 13 on the Senate floor, he promised he’d be back for a vote if needed. ‘I look forward to working with the administration who is opposed to this resolution,’ Sanders said, ‘And see if we can come up with something that is strong and effective. If we do not, I will be back.’

“Bernie’s apparent silence — as the historic leader on the Yemen War Powers Resolution in the Senate — is providing cover for other members of Congress to fail to act.

“Because U.S. military participation in the Saudi war in Yemen has not ended, because Bernie has not yet kept his promise to act, because Bernie has not yet met with us, and because there was no option for asking questions or making comments during Bernie’s ‘town hall,’ Vermonters who care about Yemen gathered outside Bernie’s ‘town hall’ in Stowe with signs demanding that Bernie meet with us and that he stay strong and reintroduce the Yemen War Powers Resolution in the Senate. Vermonters will have his back when he does this – but he needs to start by meeting with the people who he represents.”

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