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Biden Trip to Saudi Arabia: “Blatant Hypocrisy”


On Thursday afternoon, media outlets reported that Biden will be visiting Saudi Arabia this month.

AISHA JUMAAN, MD,, @AishaJumaan.

Dr. Jumaan is president of the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation.    She said today: “The blatant hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy is very painful to watch. President Biden’s planned travel to meet Mohamed Bin Salaman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia, who should be tried for his war crimes in Yemen, contrasts with his stringent measures against Putin for his invasion of Ukraine. The U.S. government has been helping MBS bomb and starve Yemen for over seven years; yet wants us to believe that they have the moral high ground.”

In April, Dr. Jumaan was featured in a piece in Forbes: “Time to End the Forgotten War in Yemen,” which noted: “The scenes of carnage in Ukraine have sparked anger and concerted action against the Russian invasion of that country, now in its eighth week. But there is another conflict, now in its eighth year, that has resulted in the deaths of nearly half a million people and driven millions more to the brink of starvation — the war in Yemen.” She was also featured on an IPA news release: “Will Congress Stop the Worst Humanitarian Crisis, the Saudi Attack on Yemen?