News Release

Bolivia: Understanding Coups


KATHRYN LEDEBUR, kath.ledebur at, @AndeanInfoNet

Ledebur is director of the Andean Information Network in Cochabamba and researcher, activist, and analyst with over two decades of experience in Bolivia. See her interviews on The Real News.

JOE EMERSBERGER, jemersberger at, @rosendo_joe
Emersberger has written extensively on Latin America and is closely following the developing situation in Bolivia.

ALAN MACLEOD, alanmacleod11 at, @AlanRMacLeod
MacLeod is author of Bad News From Venezuela: 20 Years of Fake News and Misreporting. He just wrote the piece “The Bolivian Coup Is Not a Coup — Because U.S. Wanted It to Happen” for the media watch group FAIR.

See news release from Monday: “Bolivia: What a Coup Looks Like,” which featured Mark Weisbrot — and see his interview on “Democracy Now!

Also see from FAIR by Lucas Koerner “Media Conceal Chile’s State Criminality, Delegitimize Bolivian Democracy” and by Adam H. Johnson for TruthDig: “Your Complete Guide to the N.Y. Times’ Support of U.S.-Backed Coups in Latin America.”