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Budget Cuts Hit Women Disproportionately Hard


The New York Times reported yesterday: “President Obama stepped up pressure on Congressional Republicans on Tuesday to agree to a broad deficit-cutting deal, pledging to put popular entitlement programs like Medicare on the table in return for Republican acquiescence to some higher taxes.”

TERRY O’NEIL, via Latoya Veal, press at
O’Neil is president of the National Organization for Women, which has released a series of statements regarding budget cuts’ disproportionate effects on women. O’Neil said: “Under the guise of reducing the deficit, conservatives in Congress have set their sights on cutting programs that disproportionately employ and serve women. Who will stand up for the millions of women who rely on these programs? Leaving it to the men is not the answer. Women must play a critical role in these negotiations. …

“Spending caps, deep cuts to vital social safety net programs, the chained CPI and a balanced-budget amendment to the constitution are reckless, anti-democratic, and dangerous proposals. If adopted, these measures would devastate our government’s ability to stabilize the economy and maintain a strong middle class while aiding lower-income families. They are radical right-wing, empower-the-rich and to-hell-with-everyone-else ideas about how to run this country — and run it badly!”

TIM CASEY, tcasey at
Casey is a senior staff attorney at Legal Momentum. He said today: “Many of the proposed cuts are most devastating to communities least able to afford them: women and families hardest hit during the economic downturn, including single parent families, pregnant women, and children.”