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Budget Transparency Group Blasts Congress’ “Secretive Negotiations”

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Today the National Priorities Project released the following statement from Executive Director Jo Comerford in response to the congressional budget conference committee’s failure to agree to top-line budget numbers.

Comerford said: “In late November, House Appropriations Committee leaders warned the budget conference committee that failing to reach agreement on top-line budget numbers by December 2 — yesterday — could have ‘extremely damaging repercussions.’ Those repercussions included another possible government shutdown, a requirement to budget by continuing resolution, and an inability to prevent further sequestration cuts to critical federal programs. Yesterday was the latest in a long line of critical dates that Congress sailed past without giving Americans a budget that reflects their priorities.

“Is it any wonder that the latest poll from The Economist/YouGov shows that only 6 percent of Americans approve of the way Congress handles its job?

“It is inexcusable that Congress continues to rely on ineffective, secretive negotiations when Americans deserve an open, regular, transparent budget process. And, with Americans agreeing on a wide range of priorities, from closing corporate tax loopholes to reducing military spending to securing Social Security, it’s unconscionable that Congress cannot put partisanship aside and deliver. We urge congressional negotiators to demonstrate their commitment to the basic functions of the legislative branch by passing a budget that reflects the values of the American people in time to avoid another government shutdown in early 2014.”

National Priorities Project is “a national, non-profit organization dedicated to making our complex federal budget transparent and accessible so people can exercise their right and responsibility to oversee and influence how their tax dollars are spent.”