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Buttigieg Attacks Medicare for All, Gets Cash from Industry


ALEX KOTCH, alex at, @alexkotch

Kotch is senior investigative reporter specializing in money-in-politics for Sludge, which focuses on uncovering corruption.

He recently wrote the piece “As He Attacks Medicare for All, Mayor Pete Gets Campaign Cash From Health Care Executives,” which states: “Pharmaceutical, health insurance, and hospital industry donors have flocked to [Pete Buttigieg] all year. As of mid-2019, he was second only to Donald Trump in overall campaign cash from donors in the health sector. Among Democratic candidates, he was second to former Vice President Joe Biden in terms of pharmaceutical and health insurance donations.

“A Sludge review of Buttigieg’s recent third-quarter campaign finance report shows that as he rails against Medicare for All, executives and other managers in the health sector have kept the money flowing.

“Over 100 individuals in leadership, legal, consulting, or financing roles in health sector donated $200 or more to Pete for America between July and September. These donors include pharmaceutical industry leaders such as the chief corporate affairs officer at drugmaker Pfizer, the president of Astex Pharmaceuticals, a state lobbyist for Biogen, a vice president of public policy at Novartis, and the deputy vice president at the nation’s largest pharmaceutical trade association, PhRMA, as well as attorneys for AbbVie, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck.”