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Challenges to the U.S. and Germany for “Facilitating Genocide”


Monday Morning, Nicaragua presented its case to the International Court of Justice against Germany under the Genocide Convention for “facilitating genocide” by Israel against the Palestinians in Gaza. See AP feed of the hearing.

See clips of the hearing, from Nicaraguan representatives, noting that UN officials were warning of crimes against humanity as early as Oct. 10. Another lawyer for Nicaragua argues: “Nobody owns the trademark of genocide. No state, not Israel, not Germany, can be free of the fundamental rules of international law.” Al Jazeera English reports: “Nicaragua to ICJ: End Germany’s support of Israeli ‘genocide’ in Gaza.”

See IPA news release from Friday which features experts and activists in the U.S. and Germany, still available for interviews: “Monday: Nicaragua v Germany at the World Court on Israel and Genocide Convention.”

The New York Times on Monday claimed: “The court has not yet accepted the case, but it is obliged to react quickly to requests for emergency measures, as in this case.” Prof. Francis Boyle (featured on the IPA news release from Friday) commented: “This is preposterous. Of course the court accepted the case. That is why the court previously issued an order for the hearings today and tomorrow. Nicaragua has basically won just by getting the hearing of its claims today in front of the court and in front of the entire world. A very powerful case against Germany for aiding and abetting Israeli genocide against the Palestinians as well as implicating the U.S. for collaborating with Germany.” Boyle noted that exactly 40 years ago, Nicaragua filed suit against the U.S. at the ICJ for its illegal war against Nicaragua. Boyle added that Nicaragua won that lawsuit and that the ICJ ruling against the U.S. was useful in getting charges dismissed against people engaging in civil resistance against the U.S. policy. See his book, Defending Civil Resistance Under International Law.

Today Biden is in Madison, Wisconsin. The group Madison for a World BEYOND War and others are organizing protests.
Stefania Sani, co-coordinator of Madison for a World BEYOND War, explained, “The world’s leading weapons dealer, the U.S. government, should send no more weapons to Ukraine, Israel or anywhere in the world. We know that these billions of dollars of our tax money are urgently needed for humans and the planet, not for weapons to kill and maim people.”

The group notes: “A new Gallup poll March 27 shows 74 percent of Democrats disapprove of Israel’s handling of the war on Palestine, and 55 percent of all Americans disapprove. The Biden administration is shifting its public rhetoric against the Gaza genocide, but the Guardian reported on March 29 that the U.S. government is quietly transferring billions more in weapons to Israel.

“More than one-third of Americans (poll here) believe Israel is committing genocide. Almost half of those surveyed aged 18-29, 49 percent, say Israel is committing genocide.  An Israel Palestine ceasefire resolution now stands before the Wisconsin legislature, Resolution 92.  Madison City Council unanimously passed a ceasefire resolution in December.

“Congress has been advancing supplemental funding legislation which includes $14.3 billion for weapons and military ‘assistance’ for Israel while Israel commits genocide in Gaza; and $61 billion to continue the war in Ukraine when there is no military solution — only a diplomatic one.

“Wisconsinites will demonstrate on Monday to call for ceasefires in Gaza, Ukraine and everywhere. The Biden administration and Congress need to stop sending weapons. Humans should negotiate to settle conflicts, not kill each other.”

Available for interviews: Janet Parker, Stefania Sani,