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CIA Spy Captured in Pakistan: Fallout


The British Guardian recently reported: “American who sparked diplomatic crisis over Lahore shooting was CIA spy.”

Lindorff is founding editor of the online alternative newspaper ThisCantBeHappening!

He said today: “When Raymond Davis, the American who killed two Pakistani intelligence operatives in Lahore and now sits in a Lahore prison, was arrested, he claimed to have worked for a security company in Orlando. I checked it out for Counterpunch magazine. The address proved to be a vacant storefront in an empty strip mall. President Obama has publicly called Davis ‘our diplomat,’ demanding his release. He was lying. Davis is a CIA contractor. Major U.S. news organizations knew this weeks ago, but went along with the lie. It gets worse though. I’ve learned that in Davis’ camera, police found photos of military installations, mosques and schools — the very things being bombed routinely in Pakistan. So what was Raymond Davis really up to?”

Lindorff recently wrote the piece “U.S. Caught in The Big Lie: ThisCantBeHappening! was Correct in Exposing Raymond Davis as a Spy.”

He also wrote: “The Deepening Mystery of Raymond Davis and Two Slain Pakistani Motorcyclists.”

Mahmood was an editorial cartoonist for Dawn, a national newspaper in Pakistan. He is now internationally syndicated with the New York Times Syndicate. He just wrote the piece “Raymond Davis: Why the Killer Should be Deported,” which states: Raymond Davis is emblematic of the West’s relationship with today’s autocrats and dysfunctional democracies. His story highlights an impunity that the United States and its allies are discovering is very hard to cover-up in our digital age. The pro-reform groups, rallying in the Middle East, are not only speaking against leaders such as Mubarak and Gaddafi but also against polices of appeasement that sustain individuals like Mr. Davis. …

“Judicially trying Mr. Davis in Pakistan is not a successful long-term strategy. The government of Pakistan has already sold its sovereignty. Courtesy of WikiLeaks, many Pakistanis now know that Prime Minister Gilani agreed to expand the CIA drone program in 2008, while promising to denounce it in parliament for the sake of appearances.”

Background: See in Pakistani newspaper the Dawn: “Probe finds connection between Davis, drone attacks.”

Pakistan Ledger [Feb. 18]: “No drone attacks since January 23rd. ‘Davis’ arrested on Jan 27th.”

Fatima Bhutto: “The War Against Pakistan

Correction: A previous headline indicated that there were no drone attacks since Davis’ arrest. In fact, drone attacks have reportedly resumed in parts of Pakistan this week after a pause.

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