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CIA Leak Trial in Jury’s Hands


The jury in the historic trial of CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling is scheduled for its second full day of deliberations today.

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Marcy Wheeler reports: “The government engaged in a great deal of security theater during the Jeffrey Sterling trial, most notably by having some CIA witnesses — including ones whose identities weren’t, technically, secret — testify behind a big office divider so the general public couldn’t see the witness. But along the way, the government revealed a great number of secrets, including a number of secrets about how its counterproliferation programs work.”

Norman Solomon writes: “Many of the two-dozen witnesses from the Central Intelligence Agency conveyed smoldering resentment that a whistleblower or journalist might depict the institution as a bungling outfit unworthy of its middle name. Some witnesses seemed to put Sterling and journalist James Risen roughly in the same nefarious category — Sterling for allegedly leaking classified information that put the CIA in a bad light, and Risen for reporting it. . . . If Sterling goes to prison, a major reason will be that the CIA leadership is angry about being portrayed as an intelligence gang that can’t shoot straight.”

Wheeler and Solomon — who wrote about the intertwined stories of Sterling and New York Times reporter James Risen in an in-depth article for The Nation — are available for a limited number of interviews.

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