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Cockburn on Biden


Washington editor of Harper’s Magazine, Cockburn wrote the cover article “No Joe! Joe Biden’s disastrous legislative legacy” in March 2019.

Cockburn said today: “Obviously the final result isn’t known and the voting should proceed in an orderly manner, but one thing that is clear is that Biden’s nomination, like that of Hillary Clinton four years ago, has failed to deliver a resounding rejection of Trump.

“This is largely because of Biden’s inability to provide a positive message. This isn’t a tactical failure. It’s a result of his record, and the ongoing, desperate yearning of the Democratic establishment he represents to recreate the Democratic coalition that started to vanish with Reagan. He may eke out a threadbare victory in Wisconsin and Michigan, but this does not excuse his failure to mobilise the growing minority electorate — most obviously Hispanic voters. He will be easy meat for Mitch McConnell.”

Also, see: “Biden: A War Cabinet?” by Mariamne Everett.