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Colombia Peace Deal Referendum


Al Jazeera reports: “Colombia referendum: Peace deal with FARC rejected.”

MARIO A. MURILLO, marioradio [at]
Murillo’s books include Colombia and the United States: War, Unrest, and Destabilization. He said today: “This can be seen as democracy at work in Colombia, where high rates of abstention and the rural/urban divide is so apparent, and where fear and misinformation rule the day. But the defeat of the yes vote shouldn’t be seen as a win for war. The people of Colombia want peace, with justice. One hopes cooler heads will prevail and the ceasefire holds while they return to Havana to decide next steps. And that the far right doesn’t continue to carry out the attacks against supporters of the peace deal that had already started but are being underreported in the establishment media.”

Murillo is a professor of radio, television and film at Hofstra University. He was interviewed this morning by “Democracy Now!