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Coronavirus: Lack of Testing, Sick Leave


LISA GILBERT, via Angela Bradbery, abradbery at, @Public_Citizen

Gilbert is vice president of legislative affairs for Public Citizen. The group is stressing that testing and treatment for the coronavirus should be free. (This approach, taken by South Korea, of containing the virus by extensive testing rather than “mitigating” its effects, has been praised by scientists.)

Public Citizen notes that while “Jeff Bezos makes $8,961,187 per hour,” Vice is reporting: “Whole Foods Suggests That Workers Share Paid Time Off During Coronavirus.”

Public Citizen produced a list of some of the U.S. companies denying workers paid sick leave:

McDonald’s – 517K workers
Walmart – 347K workers
Kroger – 189K workers
Subway – 80K workers
Burger King – 165K workers
Pizza Hut: – 156K workers
Marriott – 139K workers
Wendy’s – 133K workers

Target changed their policy, Business Insider reports: “Target is offering up to 14 days of paid time off for workers in quarantine and those confirmed with coronavirus.”

Also see from Public Citizen: “Coronavirus Vaccine Must Not Be Exclusive to U.S.