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Cost of War “Elephant in Room”


President Obama said yesterday: “This larger debate we’re having, about the size and role of government, has been with us since our founding days. And during moments of great challenge and change, like the one we’re living through now, the debate gets sharper and more vigorous. That’s a good thing. As a country that prizes both our individual freedom and our obligations to one another, this is one of the most important debates we can have.”

Comerford is executive director of the National Priorities Project, which features the chart “Tax Day 2011: Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go? Breakdown of One Dollar.” It gives the following breakdown: “27.4¢ on Military, 21.5¢ on Health, 13.8¢ on Interest on Debt, 10.9¢ on Income Security & Labor, 4.9¢ on Housing & Community, 4.2¢ on Food, 3.9¢ on Veterans’ Benefits, 3.5¢ on Education, 3.3¢ on Government & Commerce, 3¢ on Environment, Energy & Science, 2.2¢ on Transportation, 1.2¢ on International Affairs.”

The group’s blog includes an analysis of the recent budget agreements and proposals:

Fein is author of American Empire: Before the Fall. He said today: “We have failed to have a vigorous debate on the $1.2 trillion per year national security budget that makes us less safe. It’s the elephant in the room. Both Republic and Democratic administrations are guilty.”

Fein is speaking this afternoon at an event along with members of Congress including Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.), John Conyers (D-Mich.), Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), Mike Honda (D-Calif.), Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) on the costs of the war in Afghanistan. The event is being organized by — the webpage gives you an estimate of the amount of your tax bill that goes to war in Afghanistan.

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