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Critics of Intervention in Haiti


Protest in Haiti

While the U.S. government and others are pushing for increased intervention in Haiti, many who know the country best, from a number of perspectives, are warning against such a course of action.

CHRIS BERNADEL,,  @chris_bernadel @Blacks4Peace
JEMIMA PIERRE,, @grosmorne29
Pierre is a Haitian-born co-coordinator of Black Alliance for Peace’s team on Haiti and a sociocultural anthropologist at the UCLA department of African American studies. Bernadel is Haitian, works with the Port-au-Prince based grassroots organization MOLEGHAF and is also on Black Alliance for Peace’s team on Haiti. See the just-released statement: “The Black Alliance for Peace Opposes Biden Administration’s Security Council Resolution on Haiti and Calls for its Veto” which says: “the current ‘government’ in Haiti is unelected and unaccountable to Haitian people. … the last thing the Haitian people want is another ‘humanitarian’ invasion and occupation by the U.S. and the ‘Core Group.'” Pierre wrote the piece: “The ‘Leftism’ of the Americas Collapses at the Door of Haitian Sovereignty.”

KIM IVES,, @kimives13
Ives is a long-time editor at Haiti Liberte. He recently wrote the piece “Washington Using ‘Gang’ Bogeyman to Justify Widely Rejected Military Intervention.” Ives is working with the filmmaker Dan Cohen on a documentary and they have been warning about increased intervention in Haiti. See video clips here and on Cohen’s Substack.