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DNC Falsifying About “Stacking” “From the Swamp”


KEVIN GOSZTOLA, kevin at, @kgosztola
Managing editor of Shadowproof, Gosztola’s original Twitter thread of a week ago about new Democratic National Committee moves went viral  — see from Commondreams: “Tom Perez Stacks 2020 Convention Committees With ‘From the Swamp’ Nominations.” Also see, from John Nichols of The Nation: “The DNC’s Move to Accommodate Bloomberg Stirs Outrage in Iowa.”

See Gosztola’s interview with Marc Steiner of The Real News: “Dems Load Platform Committee to Stop Progressive Movement.” Gosztola recently wrote the piece: “DNC Defends Diverse Group of Corporate Democrats Appointed to Convention Committees,” which states: “Faced with a backlash, the Democratic National Committee defended the secretive manner in which dozens of lobbyists, corporate consultants, party insiders, think tank board members, and pro-Israel Democrats were nominated by DNC Chair Tom Perez to committees for the 2020 national convention.

“Seventy-five individuals were appointed to the Platform, Rules, and Credentials Committees on January 25 during a DNC executive committee meeting. The current membership of this executive committee is unclear.

“Two chairs and four vice-chairs were appointed to oversee each of the committees. Thirty-one spots on each committee were filled.

“Nearly all of the appointees endorsed Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign. Many endorsed Clinton early in 2015, but the DNC said it does not consider ‘past endorsements’ when filling committees.

“The DNC claimed ‘high-profile’ supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders were appointed to the committees, but that is false. Only one ‘high-profile’ supporter was appointed to the Platform, Rules, and Credentials Committees.”