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JEFF COHEN,, @Roots_Action
Cohen is a co-founder of, which just launched The move was covered by Politico, which wrote “it’s hard to argue that Democrats over-performed on Tuesday because of Biden rather than in spite of him.”

The group states: “On issue after issue, Biden has offered ‘too little, too late’ — from voting rights to abortion rights to student debt to the climate crisis — and he has spent nearly two years demonstrating that he is incapable of using the power of the presidential ‘bully pulpit’ to mobilize for victory. On many issues, he has failed to use his executive authority, including the power to issue executive orders, to defend working families – a failure that can’t be blamed on Congress.”

Cohen is a retired journalism professor at Ithaca College and the author of Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures in Corporate Media. In 1986, he founded the media watch group FAIR.