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Egypt: Army Has Final Say?


SHERIEF GABER, sgaber at
Gaber is a member of the Mosireen Independent Media Collective in Cairo, and a researcher focusing on housing rights and social justice issues. He said today, “The events of the past week have shown the continued power of mobilization and protest in Egypt, however we must continue the struggle until the army is no longer the final say in politics and it is the people who are fully in control of their government.”

SARA SALEM, salem.m.sara at, @sarasalem
Salem is a PhD student and writer in Cairo. She said today: “While many observers and analysts seem to think that events in Egypt are repeating themselves, the reality is that this time around the protests were much more complex, as is the outcome.

“While there is little doubt that the military has intervened and deposed Muhammad Morsi, it is useful to remember that it was the millions of Egyptians who took to the streets on June 30 that allowed for the military to make this move. The announcement by the military last night has put the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court in power until early presidential elections are to be held. This means that the main demand of the protesters — early presidential elections — has been achieved. However, the way the Muslim Brotherhood will be treated during this transitional period is crucial to Egypt’s future.”