News Release

“Endangered and Dangerous Israel, Endangering Jews”


Politico reports: “U.S. diplomats slam Israel policy in leaked memo.”

Quds News Network reports that Israeli police “raided the anti-Zionist Jewish neighborhood in occupied #Jerusalem to take down Palestinian flags and brutally attacked anti-Zionist Jews, knocking them down on the road, hitting, and punching them in the face.” [See video.]

Solomon is author of two books on Zionism, The Miasma of Unity: Jews and Israel and The Speech, and Its Context: Jacob Blaustein’s Speech “The Meaning of Palestine Partition to American Jews.”

He recently wrote the piece “Endangered and Dangerous Israel, Endangering Jews,” which states: “In U.S. defense policy, partnership with the Israeli state has become axiomatic, providing fulsome American support, turning a blind eye to the parallel dispossession of Palestinians with the Israeli achievement of ‘Jewish’ sovereignty, allying with the manifest injustice.

“The Huffington Post on Oct. 19 reported U.S. State Department staff are preparing a ‘dissent cable’ on American absolute support for Israel’s attacks on Gaza, following the resignation of one official, publicly announcing he ‘could not morally support the U.S.’s moves to supply Israel’s war effort.’

“Israel’s conduct seems to be stimulating open hostility to Jews around the world, as local targets for anger at Gaza’s agony.

“The call from Israel when Jews abroad are in danger is, Come home to Israel, where you belong and will be safe from violence inflicted because you are Jewish.

“It is now less credible to think of Israel as a safe place for Jews as Jews, in an ironic twist. And the more extreme measures Israel wreaks on Gaza for Israel’s safety, the more imperiled by association Jews outside Israel will be.

“The strangulation of the two-million-plus population of Gaza is the ultimate expression of the militant Jewish nationalist assertion of control, watched in real-time by the world.”