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FOIA Finding Undermines McAuliffe’s Charlottesville Claim


KEN KLIPPENSTEIN, kenneth.klippenstein at, @kenklippenstein
Klippenstein is an independent journalist and just wrote the piece “Police Were Not Outgunned In Charlottesville, Documents Suggest,” which states: “After the ‘Unite the Right’ rally organized by white supremacists rocked Charlottesville, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe complained that the demonstrators ‘had better equipment’ than the state’s police forces.

“However, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) detail sophisticated, military-grade weapons Virginia police received from the Department of Defense (DOD) under its controversial 1033 program.

“Shadowproof obtained a DOD document under FOIA showing Virginia law enforcement were provided with ‘aircraft, tactical vehicles, weapons, night vision/optical devices, weapons surpressors, and other items.'”