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Free Euthanasia to the Poor: “A Society in Collapse”


CityNews in Canada recently reported on medically assisted dying (MAID) cases where the person doesn’t seek to end their life because they have a terminal illness, but because they are poor and facing homelessness. After receiving support, the person profiled, Amir Farsoud, has just withdrawn from the program.

See “Voluntary, or Compulsory? Canada’s expansion of assisted suicide raises troubling questions” in City Journal which examines how Canada expanded its MAID program to include the psychiatrically ill.

CTV reported earlier this year on the case of “Sophia” who had chemical sensitivities and received medically-assisted death after being unable to get better housing. CTV reported: “’The government sees me as expendable trash, a complainer, useless and a pain in the a**,’ ‘Sophia’ said in a video filmed on Feb. 14, eight days before her death, and shared with CTV News by one of her friends.” See website of the Canadian MAID program.


McHenry is co-founder of the global Food Not Bombs movement.

He said today: “The idea that a society would be so inhumane as to provide free euthanasia to the poor or emotionally troubled instead of providing for everyone’s welfare is a society in collapse. This is a chilling sign and suggests the authorities are serious about eliminating those they believe are ‘useless eaters.’ For people to accept a program like MAID and not revolt is frightening.”
Food Not Bombs is regularly prevented from distributing free food by local governments. See IPA releases from earlier this year: “Santa Cruz Threatens to Evict Food Not Bombs” and “Food Not Bombs Wins Against City Gov Trying to Stop Free Meals; Other Battles Continue.”

    McHenry appears regularly on the syndicated radio program “Flashpoints” with their “Food Fight” segments — see recent episode. He notes that the idea of killing the unhoused is recurring, see this piece in the Los Angeles Times from 1994.
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November 23, 2022