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From Beirut After Bombing: “We are Not Numbers”


Middle East Eye reports: “Beirut was left reeling on Thursday after two suicide blasts ripped through the Burj al-Barajneh neighbourhood in Beirut’s southern suburbs.

“At least 37 people have been killed, and 180 more injured, the Lebanese Red Cross said although the figures could yet rise further.

“The attack, which has been claimed by the Islamic State group, was the deadliest to hit Lebanon’s capital since the end of the civil war 25 years ago and comes after a period of relative calm. The last incident in Beirut happened last June when a suicide bomber blew himself up after police attempted to raid his Beirut hotel.”

RANIA MASRI, rania.z.masri at, @rania_masri
Masri is an activist in Beirut. She said today: “We are not numbers. I say this as I remember the 43 people killed and the 239 wounded in this terrorist attack on a neighborhood. We are not numbers.

“Among dead and injured are books/backpacks belonging to schoolchildren. …

“Terrorists blow up civilians in ‎Syria‬ and ‎Lebanon‬ and some media tacitly justify it, calling their homes ‘strongholds.'” For example, NPR states: “Suicide Bombing Kills At Least 37 In Hezbollah Stronghold Of Southern Beirut.”

As’ad AbuKhalil writes: “This Al-Qa`idah supporter doubles as a correspondent of Al-Jazeera (he was for years in Pakistan). Here he refers to the two terrorists who detonated bombs in the southern suburbs as ‘fida`iyyin’ [literally ‘those who sacrifice themselves’ or freedom fighters — historically has referred to Palestinian nationalists fighting Israel]. He also calls the bombing ‘professional.'”