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Independent journalist Sharif Kouddous writes: “The health ministry in Gaza just published a 200+ page report with all the names, ID numbers, and ages of 7,028 Palestinians killed in Gaza from Oct 7 until Oct 26, 3 p.m. I wonder if news outlets will drop the ‘if verified’ caveat now whenever citing Palestinian casualties.”

Gilbert is a Norwegian doctor who during past Israeli attacks against Gaza has gone there to help. Now, he is in Cairo, unable to get in to help the Palestinians in Gaza, reporting that the Egyptian military still has not allowed him and others into Gaza. He was recently interviewed by the Electronic Intifada, telling them: “What we see playing out live, minute by minute, is the politics of elimination, executed against the colonized by the colonizing forces.” He calls the situation in Gaza a “catastrophic disaster” — adding that the touted “humanitarian aid” under the current conditions in Gaza “is an insult.” After the 2014 attack, which killed over 2,000 Palestinians, he wrote the book Night in Gaza — see his profile in the Guardian.

See: “Oxfam: Israel Using Starvation as ‘Weapon of War’ Against Gaza Civilians,” from “Oxfam said Gaza is also virtually out of clean water, making some of the food that has been let in, such as rice and lentils, useless since people do not have clean water or fuel to prepare them. The group said Israeli airstrikes have hit bakeries and supermarkets, further straining the food supply. The electricity blackout and lack of fuel have also disrupted the supply of food.” At the beginning of Israel’s attack, it announced a cut off of water and other critical supplies.

NICK ESTES,, @nickwestes
Estes is author of Our History is the Future, which “shows how two centuries of Indigenous struggle created the movement proclaiming ‘Water is Life.'” He connects Native struggles around the world with Palestinian: “It’s called settler colonialism and the elimination of the Native — to take the land.” He writes how he is “Watching colleagues who supposedly study, write about, research, and publish on colonialism and decolonization waffle at this moment is disappointing, to say the least. Watching young people walk out of classes, take the street, instruct, teach, and learn has my heart forever.” He is with The Red Nation Podcast, the group put out a recent statement: “Indigenous Solidarity with Palestine.”

REFAAT ALAREER,, @itranslate123
Alareer is the co-editor of Gaza UnsilencedHis writings have appeared in the New York TimesAlareer has been tweeting regularly, most recently about the Gaza municipal building coming under threat. There are reports that the Internet and cellular services are being disconnected in Gaza.

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