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Generals: Space War “All But Inevitable” as U.S. Blocks UN Effort to Stop Weaponization of Space


The annual United Nations General Assembly opens Tuesday; Biden is scheduled to address it in the morning. See Institute for Public Accuracy news release from Saturday: “Ban Killer Drones: Kabul Drone Atrocity Latest in Ongoing U.S. Drone Killing Cover-up.”

SpaceNews, a mainstream specialty publication, reports: “U.S. generals planning for a space war they see as all but inevitable.”

    Professor of journalism at State University of New York/College at Old Westbury, Grossman’s books include Weapons in Space. His recent pieces include “Automation of Space Warfare” and “The Russia/China Space Weaponization Treaty” published by CounterPunch.

    He said today: “The world is at a crossroads as to war in space. President Biden has not pulled back on the Trump-initiated U.S. Space Force which Trump demanded to ‘have American dominance in space.’ Russia and China (and U.S. neighbor Canada) have long pressed for the PAROS (Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space) treaty. It would ban all weapons in space. The PAROS treaty would expand the landmark Outer Space Treaty of 1967 put together by the U.S., Great Britain and Soviet Union and which has wide support of nations around the world. The Outer Space Treaty sets aside space ‘for peaceful purposes’ and bans weapons of mass destruction in space. Russia and China have recently reiterated their call for no weapons in space. But the U.S. has blocked the PAROS treaty at the UN.

    “Meanwhile, last year the U.S. Space Force unveiled its admittedly ‘first offensive weapon’ — and more are in development. Russia and China — despite their decades of pressing for the PAROS treaty — can be expected to respond in kind. Other nations will move up into space with weaponry. The heavens will be turned into a war zone, and there will be no going back.

    “Is war in space indeed ‘inevitable?’ It is not inevitable if the scheme of a U.S. Space Force and its aim of seeking American ‘dominance’ of space is pulled back. Through diplomacy — and a strong system of verification — space should be kept for peace.”