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Hyping Ukraine Counteroffensive


Green recently wrote “Hyping Ukraine Counteroffensive, U.S. Press Chose Propaganda Over Journalism” for the media watch group FAIR.

He said today: “This weekend, Congress avoided a government shutdown by passing a bill that did not include the large amounts of Ukraine funding. This move comes as public criticism of U.S. support for the war is at record highs.This also comes as mainstream outlets are widely reporting on the stagnant nature of the conflict. Last week, the New York Times published an article describing the progress of either side in the Ukraine war. According to their analysis, between January of this year and now, the Russians have gained more territory than the Ukrainians, despite the long-touted summer counteroffensive.

“The Times report is incongruous with the earlier triumphalist tone of the American press in the lead up to the counteroffensive. Remarkably, this positive tone was presented despite mainstream reporting about how U.S. administration officials did not actually have much faith in the counteroffensive to succeed.”

Greene writes about how, regardless of the meager gains by the UAF [Armed Forces of Ukraine], Western commentators describe the conflict as “strategic windfall” for NATO given their goal of “weaken[ing] Russia,” despite the enormous costs to Ukrainian people and land. It is clear that U.S. officials have little interest in preserving Ukrainian life or liberty, but are instead using the country as a pawn in larger geostrategic games.”