News Release

Imran Khan Sentenced to 10 Years for Revealing How the U.S. Pushed for His Removal


Hussain is a reporter at The Intercept and co-wrote the piece “Secret Pakistan Document Undermines Espionage Case Against Imran Khan” last month, which reports: “The former prime minister is charged with compromising Pakistan’s secret communications, but a document leaked to The Intercept says that didn’t happen.”

Hussain said today: “Imran Khan has been sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of mishandling a classified national security document revealing U.S. pressure in his removal from power in 2022. A copy of the same document was published by The Intercept last year after being leaked by an insider from Pakistan’s national security establishment. The document validated Khan’s claims that U.S. State Department officials had threatened Pakistan with consequences were he not removed from office, citing anger over Khan’s neutral stance on the Russian conflict in Ukraine.”

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