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Incitement and Resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


NBC News reports: “At least eight Israelis have been killed by Palestinians … over the past month. More than 40 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in clashes over the same period of time.” Ali Abunimah writes: “Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly asserted that Adolf Hitler had no intention of exterminating Europe’s Jews until a Palestinian persuaded him to do it.” — See: “Why is Benjamin Netanyahu trying to whitewash Hitler?

NAOMI DANN, naomi at, @naomi_dann@jvplive
Dann is media coordinator at Jewish Voice for Peace, which recently released a statement: “The tensions over Al Aqsa/the Temple Mount clearly have been a flashpoint for this wave of violence, but its roots stretch much deeper. Months of incitement by the Israeli government and decades of occupation, institutionalized discrimination, and displacement have led to this point. …

“What will it take for the status quo to change? For the walls to be demolished, the raids ended, the checkpoints dismantled, the families reunited? These events are an urgent reminder of our responsibility to join hands with those who seek equality and justice for all the people of Palestine and Israel. Nonviolent protest, economic pressure, and an end to unconditional U.S. military and diplomatic aid to Israel are the path towards a long term resolution that ends the occupation and brings about full equality for all people in the region.”

Rev. MITRI RAHEB, [currently in the U.S.] mraheb at
Based in Bethlehem, Raheb is currently visiting the U.S., today in Atlanta, then to Chicago and New York City. He is senior pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem. Raheb recently wrote the piece “Palestinian Lives Matter,” which states: “A new wave of political unrest is here. Within the last five weeks over 40 young people from Palestine were killed and over 1,100 injured. These are not mere numbers, but young people with faces, names, and dreams. Yet, as if their lives do not matter, the Israelis are easing their already loose laws on using arms with a clear message of shoot to kill.

“For the Israeli government, these young Palestinians are rebels that do not deserve to live.They must be taught a lesson. To add salt to injury, you hear the Western politicians talking about Israel’s right to defend itself, and stand shamelessly with Israel. Thus, to those international players the lives of Palestinians are worthless while the life of an Israeli is so precious. This pattern reminds us of how the world viewed the lives of black people under apartheid and how racism against blacks is felt in so many countries around the world. The same applies to Indigenous peoples, and the oppressed.

“The most dangerous thing however, is when young people from those oppressed groups are pushed to the point where they start looking for a life after death but do not believe any more in a life before death that is worth living.” Raheb is also president of Diyar Consortium and of Dar al-Kalima University College in Bethlehem.